Design + Architecture

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When designers or architects need a dependable talent to capture the beauty of their rooms or buildings, Ken Hayden is on the short list of professional photographers they call.

Hospitality + Travel

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A who's who of hospitality brands have tapped Ken Hayden to capture the personality they have worked diligently to insure their hotels, resorts, spas and palaces exude.


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Editors are always under pressure to make sure their publications present design and architecture projects, and travel destinations in their best light. It's no wonder Ken Hayden is called upon so often!

Full-Service Photography for Design and Hospitality

I bring an eye for balance, beauty and emotionality to my work.

When peering through the lens of his or her camera, all photographers initially ask, "How do I fill the frame?" I believe at the end of the day the answer is, "Gather into it the elements that create the most beautiful shot." Sounds rudimentary, I know, but it really is that simple. Understanding light and balance is a key to a successful shot. Adding that extra touch of magic in post-production is just as important. Given my breadth of experience and passion for what I do, I am happy to say I am highly adept at both.

Flipping through the pages of some of the world's most beautiful shelter and travel publications might make one believe those of us who photograph the features have oodles of time to ruminate about the perfect shot, but this simply isn't reality. Those of us who embrace editorial because we love it so much have had to get game on in order to flourish. The days of unhurried location assignments are gone but the thrill of capturing that perfect shot worthy of a cover has not!

I often marvel at the places I've been asked to visit as I have documented some of the world's most remarkable properties and destinations. I revel in the opportunity to approach a place I've never been with a fresh eye or to revisit an area I've already shot to see what a change in my perspective will reveal I missed the first time around. Photographing resorts is such a pleasure I feel privileged to have the opportunity to do so as often as I do.

Yes, I am quoting the great architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: who better to sum up what designers and architects do when they create exemplary environments (or what I do when I capture the essence of them for all posterity)? I've seen professionals make the mistake of scrimping on the photography of their projects and live to regret it. I hope you won't make that mistake if you have just finished a beautiful building or interior. Let's make sure we preserve it so that future potential clients can't help but say where do I sign?

Photographic Inspiration

Interior design, architecture and travel photographs by Ken Hayden on Pinterest

Behind the Scenes with photographer Ken Hayden

As I'm photographing interiors, projects and travel destinations, I will give you an insider's view of a "day in the life" of a professional photographer so check back soon!

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    Cherry picking the views at Sunnylands


    In April 2012, I received a call from The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands.  It was an opportunity to photograph the lauded Sunnylands, the 200-acre, Rancho Mirage, California, former residence and private golf course built fifty years ago by Walter and Leonore Annenberg of ‘TV Guide’ fame and fortune.  It just also happens to be […]

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